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Ace of Swords: Stories from Archanea

Series Name:   The Archanean Diary

Authored By:  Anton Brzezinski


Original stories based on the Epic Adventure series “The Archanean Dairy” by noted Science Fiction artist Anton Brzezinski. Sensitive heroes and kick ass heroines fight their way with sword and magic across a richly detailed world. These stories take place before the first novel in the Archanean Diary Trilogy, and provide a back story to several important characters in The Sword and the Raven. 

“If you like Anton’s work you will eat this stuff up!” — Kenneth W. Prosch (For Anton’s Inferno). This new book contains all original Sword and Sorcery stories from the Archanean Diary, an epic adventure series set on a world similar to Earth in the late Middle Ages, that is, if our world had magic and monsters! A companion book to The Sword and the Raven, first in the Archanean Diary Trilogy of full length novels. From the unique mind of Science Fiction Illustrator Anton Brzezinski comes a rich and exciting world. These stories take place before the events in the Sword and the Raven.

Categories:  Fiction » Fantasy » Epic » Science fiction » Adventure

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