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Alice in Demonland


Series Name:   Demonland Series

Authored By:  RaShelle Workman


In the last millennia a deadly game has raged between demons and their half-human creations. Known as Moths, a select few were born with distinctive marks on their hands. They possess the same powers as their demon parent.

Over the years an elite group of warriors formed The Dark Moth Society. Their sole purpose to slay their demon sires. Alice Blackburn is a Dark Moth trainee. Some of her classmates call her the Queen of Hearts because she doesn’t share hers.

So when Kade Everett shows up at the compound, Alice is surprised by her feelings. But there isn’t time to act on them. In just a few days, her creator, the foul demon that slaughtered her mom will come to kill her. That’s part of their sick and twisted game, and Alice intends to win.
Alice in Demonland
Alice Fights Demonland
Alice Takes Demonland
Alice Ignites Demonland (coming 6/2020)

Categories:  Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fairy Tales » Science-Fiction & Fantasy

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