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Magic Means Boxed Set: Books 1-3


Series Name:   Magic Means Series

Authored By:  Damon Rain


After the death of his father, Scott discovers that he is part of a legacy of magic, power and community. He takes his inheritance home with the intention of opening a vast Occult shop. This trilogy details its turmultuous founding. Drama, romance, lust, a time loop, intrigue and embarrassing tattoos are a few things you’ll find in the first three volumes of the magnificent Magic Means series. 

Enjoyed by thousands across the globe, the first three books in the Magic Means series tell the story of the modern founding of Van Veld Books, an occult bookstore run by Scott, a Seeker who can find you anything. Mack, an old friend, joins him and together they begin to discover the supernatural and sensual underbelly of Old Town, where succubae and witches live side-by-side, a war between Light and Dark magic is fought in the shadows, love and pleasure are prized above all.

Isabel, a healer, and Lilith, an succubus and owner of an adult store, along with the rest of Old Town watch as the massive Van Veld building is brought back to life, a well of power resurging as the descendant of its original founder takes ownership. They find themselves drawn to the monument to the Light. They’re not the only ones. Adventurers, Guardians who watch over Old Town like modern heroes, faeries, evil saboteurs and more start appearing even before opening day.

Drama, romance, lust, a time loop, intrigue and embarrassing tattoos are only a few things you’ll find when you read about Van Veld Books in the first three novels of the magnificent Magic Means series.

Reviews for Magic Means
Magic Means Book 1
“Loved this story! Just enough monologue and a huge amount of dialogue! It starts out a bit confusing but quickly becomes a must get to the next page. Well written and entrancing!”

Magic Means Book 2
“Love the dialogue and I caught my self laughing at Mack and the fairies LOL! Excellent read and so looking forward to the next book.”

“Great character development will be looking for a new book thank you for the great story this series will be fun.”

“Theres a good balance of story and sex.”

Categories:  Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » Fantasy » Urban

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