Mysterious Polynesian Fish

A species of malevolent SEA SERPENT or NATURE SPIRIT from Polynesian mythology, the adaro actually lived in the sun and came to earth by traveling down rainbows. These beings were described as looking like men with gills behind their ears, a horn like a shark fin, a pike on their head like a sword fish or sawfish, and tail-fins for feet. Unlike MERMAIDS, adaro were always dangerous to mankind, shooting them with flying fish and causing at least unconsciousness if they successfully struck their target. If a flying fox is immediately thrown into the water after an assault, the act will magically awaken the person rendered unconscious and give the would-be victim temporary immunity from further assaults. It is believed an adaro is created when the evil part of a man’s soul lingers on after his death. The chief of the adaro, NGORIERU, lives off the San Cristobal coast.

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