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Song Walker – Starseeds Book One


Series Name:   Starseeds Series

Authored By:  Ellis Logan


Will you fight to free your mind?

Callie Winters is just a regular rock-and-roll girl playing drums in a band, until she discovers that her thoughts might not be her own. Not sure who she can trust, what is real and what isn’t, Callie runs into more trouble than she can handle alone. Government conspiracies, secret organizations… No one and nowhere is safe but the power of song just might help Callie get the answers she needs. 

Best-selling author Ellis Logan delves deep into the world of urban fantasy, telepathy, telekinesis and mind control in Song Walker, a psyops action thriller. If you liked Tomorrow People, The Mind Readers, Fringe, Legion, Roswell, Children of Time, or Sense8, you will enjoy this book.

Categories:  Fiction » Fantasy » Urban » Science fiction » Adventure

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