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Wychetts and the Tome of Terror


Series Name:   Wychetts Series

Authored By:  William Holley


Rich in magic, mystery and humour, the Wychetts series of books are stories for 9-12 year olds which adults will also enjoy.

Wychetts (pronounced “Witch-etts”) is an ancient timber framed cottage which, although derelict and crumbling, contains an amazing magic power that is awoken accidentally by Bryony and her stepbrother Edwin, sparking a series of incredible adventures! 

The fourth book in the Wychetts series.

“The Tome Terriblis is different to most spell books,” explained Inglenook. “Instead of reading the spells, you have to write them yourself. The power in the Tome takes the words and turns them into magic.”

Bryony’s lips curved into a smile. “So whatever I write would actually happen?”

“Indeed. But as I said, the book is not for lending. If the Tome Terriblis fell into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic.”

Secretly ‘borrowing’ the Tome from the Wychetts library, Bryony uses its magic to make her the brainiest pupil in her class, and unwittingly wins a place at a special new school for intellectually gifted children.

Suspecting Bryony of cheating, the jealous Edwin discovers the Tome and takes Bryony’s place. All seems to be going well when he makes a new friend, but Edwin soon realises the green haired girl called Maddy is not all she seems, and that the Schrunkopf Institute is hiding a sinister secret.

Unable to use Wychetts’ magic, Bryony and Edwin must stop the crazed Professor Schrunkopf conducting his twisted experiments and prevent the power of the Tome Terriblis being unleashed by a vengeful witch…


Categories:  Fiction » Children’s books » Adventure » General

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